• Outstanding large-deformation simulation technology. Learn more »

  • Defense

    We offer simulation expertise in the areas of penetration mechanics and mine blast protection

  • Defense

    Mine blast protection and crew survivability

  • Industrial manufacturing

    Our solver is well suited for metal forming simulations and always accounts for through-thickness stresses

  • Automotive

    We have the numerical tool for accurate component simulations

  • Fluids

    Efficient and accurate SPH formulation for fluid applications

  • Offshore

    Wellbore component analysis and large scale accidental loading simulations

  • Engineering

    We have recommended modelling practices for a selection of engineering problems Learn more »

  • Material testing

    Let us test and characterize your materials in our laboratory

IMPETUS Afea is an expert company in computational mechanics. We offer access to our unique finite element tool IMPETUS Afea Solver, as well as advanced engineering services.

We are mainly active in offshore, automotive, fortification and aeronautics.

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IMPETUS Afea Solver is the next generation software for linear and non-linear computational mechanics. It is based on novel numerical techniques and methods, adapted to modern hardware technology.

IMPETUS Afea Solver is a decision making tool with unprecedented numerical accuracy and robustness.

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