Offered services

We help our customers analyse and solve mechanical problems. Our specialty is computational mechanics with a focus on large deformations and transient dynamical events, such as:

  • Automotive components in crash loading
  • Dropped objects
  • Metal forming and stamping
  • Blast and penetration processes

We carry out complete projects as well as assisting our customers in their own simulation work. We offer both know-how and access to the IMPETUS Afea Solver, an explicit finite element tool for transient dynamics. We also offer finite element mesh generation. We also have our own mechanical test laboratory where we test and characterize materials.

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Material testing

We have a 50 kN electromechanical tensile test machine for material characterisation. We also do fatigue testing of materials using an in-house developed machine. It has capacity for multiple test specimens and is easily scalable. Large series can be run at low cost. The laboratory is equipped with a stereo microscope for examination of test specimens.