IMPETUS Afea Solver

IMPETUS Afea Solver is a software package for non-linear computational mechanics. It is primarily developed to predict large deformations of structures and components exposed to extreme loading conditions. The package comprises different solver modules and a Post Processor.

Our guiding principles are accuracy, robustness and simplicity for the user. The number of purely numerical parameters that the user has to provide as input is kept at a minimum.

IMPETUS Afea Solver is adapted to the GPU technology. Utilizing the computational force of a potent graphics card can considerably speed up your calculations.

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The solver is purely Lagrangian and all finite element and contact calculations are carried out in double precision. Green-Naghdi's stress rate is used in all rate-based material models.

User friendliness

We believe that our users prefer to focus on the physics of the actual problems they are working on, instead of troubleshooting input data to their finite element code. Hence, we always try to use methods and algorithms with as few numerical parameters to tune as possible.

GPU technology

The solver is adapted to GPU (CUDA) technology and runs with high computational speed on standard desktops.

Solid elements

Our unique higher order element technology is well suited for processes involving extreme deformations. The elements are accurate, even at large aspect ratios, and they behave well in dynamics.

Mine blast

Unique particle method, applies to gases, high explosives as well as wet and dry sand. Very well tuned sand for blast simulations.

Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics

Our unique SPH formulation computes accurate and stable pressure field approximations. An efficient SPH-FE contact algorithm handles most complex situations and real industrial fluid structure interaction scenarios.


The IMPETUS Afea Solver is developed with funding support from:

  • The Competence Development Fund of Southern Norway
  • SR-Bank Næringsstiftelse
  • Innovation Norway
  • FNS/FNN (Fransk-norsk stiftelse - Fondation Franco-Norvégienne)

We gained Eurostars status in 2012. The Eurostars GEPEU project “E! 6951 GEPEU” is based on a consortium consisting of:

  • Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF)
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

The focus is on developing accurate, robust and efficient multi-GPU solutions for the IMPETUS Afea Solver.

For more information about our partners, visit our contribution page.

IMPETUS Afea Solver is a registered trademark of IMPETUS Afea AS. For more information contact us at