Command manual

Command list


Initial conditions
eid, etype, ip, mtype, $V_0$
$F_{11}$, $F_{12}$, $F_{13}$
$F_{21}$, $F_{22}$, $F_{23}$
$F_{31}$, $F_{32}$, $F_{33}$
$\sigma_{11}$, $\sigma_{22}$, $\sigma_{33}$, $\sigma_{12}$, $\sigma_{23}$, $\sigma_{31}$
$\epsilon_{11}$, $\epsilon_{22}$, $\epsilon_{33}$, $\epsilon_{12}$, $\epsilon_{23}$, $\epsilon_{31}$
$v_{01}$, ..., $v_{08}$
$v_{09}$, ..., $v_{16}$
$v_{17}$, ..., $v_{24}$

Parameter definition

eid Element ID
etype Element type
ip Integration point number
mtype Material type
$V_0$ Integration point volume in undeformed state
$F_{11}$, $F_{12}$, $F_{13}$ Deformation gradient components
$F_{21}$, $F_{22}$, $F_{23}$ Deformation gradient components
$F_{31}$, $F_{32}$, $F_{33}$ Deformation gradient components
$\sigma_{11}$, $\sigma_{22}$, $\sigma_{33}$ Stress components
$\sigma_{12}$, $\sigma_{23}$, $\sigma_{31}$ Stress components
$\epsilon_{11}$, $\epsilon_{22}$, $\epsilon_{33}$ Strain components
$\epsilon_{12}$, $\epsilon_{23}$, $\epsilon_{31}$ Strain components
$v_{01}$, ..., $v_{08}$ State variables 1-8
$v_{09}$, ..., $v_{16}$ State variables 9-16
$v_{17}$, ..., $v_{24}$ State variables 17-24


Definition of the initial state (deformation, stresses and state variables) on integration point level. This command is used by the solver when writing a state file (impetus_stateX.k and impetus_stateX.bin) for the complete model or for a set of parts (see parameter enid${}_{res}$ in OUTPUT).