Command manual

Command list


Attention: This command is in the beta stage and the format may change over time.
type, gid, ., ., ., ., ., $t_{end}$
$\rho_0$, $k$, $\mu$, $\xi$, $v$, $\eta$

Parameter definition

coid Sub-domain ID
type Soil type
DRY $\rightarrow$ dry sand
WET $\rightarrow$ fully saturated wet sand
USER $\rightarrow$ user defined
gid Geometry ID
$t_{end}$ Particle deactivation time
default: not used
$\rho_0$ Density (this line is only used if type=USER)
$k$ Grain contact stiffness
$\mu$ Grain contact coefficient of friction
$\xi$ Grain contact damping coefficient
$v$ Fill fraction (typically between 0.58 and 0.62)
$\eta$ Dimensionless shear cap coefficient


Discrete particle soil domain definition.

The command id (coid) determines in which order particles are filled into the global domain. In case sub-domains are overlapping, the domain with the largest ID will overwrite (remove) particles belonging to domains with lower domain ID's.