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Mesh commands
Attention: This command is in the beta stage and the format may change over time.
entype, enid, dir, c${}_1$, c${}_2$
x${}_c$, y${}_c$, z${}_c$

Parameter definition

coid Command ID
entype Entity type
options: G, P
enid Entity ID
dir Direction of redistribution
options: X, Y, Z, XY, YZ, ZX, XYZ
c${}_1$ Parameter for polynomial redistribution
c${}_2$ Parameter for exponential redistribution
x${}_c$ x-coordinate with highest node density
y${}_c$ y-coordinate with highest node density
z${}_c$ z-coordinate with highest node density


Redistributes the elements within the entity domain using either a polynomial or an exponential function. Polynomial redistribution is selected by setting c${}_1$ to a positive value and c${}_2$ to zero. Exponential redistribution is achieved by setting c${}_2$ to a positive value while letting c${}_1$ be zero.

Polynomial redistribution:

Exponential redistribution: