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Functions & parameters

The following built in functions and parameters are supported by the commands FUNCTION and PARAMETER. They can also be used when defining expressions replacing numerical values in the input deck.

Function / parameter Description
pi 3.141592653589793...
abs(x) Absolute value
d(i,j) Kronecker delta (d(i,j)=1 if i=j; d(i,j)=0 if i $\neq$ j)
erf(x) Gauss error function
fcn(ID, x) Returns a CURVE or FUNCTION value. $x$ is the abscissa.
H(x) Step function (H(x<0) = 0; H(x $\geq$ 0) = 1)
ln(x) or log(x) Natural logarithm
log10(x) Logarithm to base 10
sign(x) Sign function (sign(x<0) = -1; sign(x $\geq$ 0) = 1)
min(x${}_1$, x${}_2$, ... x${}_n$) Min function
max(x${}_1$, x${}_2$, ... x${}_n$) Max function
sin(x) Trigonometric sine function (degrees)
cos(x) Trigonometric cosine function (degrees)
tan(x) Trigonometric tangent function (degrees)
sinr(x) Trigonometric sine function (radians)
cosr(x) Trigonometric cosine function (radians)
tanr(x) Trigonometric tangent function (radians)
exp(x) Exponential function (exp(x) = $e^x$)
sqrt(x) Square root
floor(x) Rounds to nearest integer below x
round(x) Rounds to nearest integer
^ Exponent (x^y = $x^y$)