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Revision list

Date Engine version Comments
2020-03-03 5.0.300 Updated *PROP_DAMAGE_HC.
2020-02-17 5.0.264 Added *MAT_MMC.
2020-01-06 5.0.233 Added *OUTPUT_SENSOR_EXTENDED.
2019-10-27 5.0.196 Added *TRIM_HOLE.
2019-09-23 5.0.169 Added *SUBDIVIDE_PART_THICKNESS.
2019-09-20 5.0.167 Added *MAT_LEE_TARVER.
2019-07-14 5.0.107 Added optional angle to *MERGE.
2019-06-28 5.0.102 Added *RIGID_BODY_UPDATE.
2019-05-19 5.0.72 Added *OUTPUT_SENSOR_THICKNESS.
2019-04-03 5.0.33 Updated *OUTPUT_USER.
2019-03-29 5.0.28 Added *SCRIPT_PYTHON.
2019-03-18 5.0.9 Added activation/deactivation option to *BC_MOTION.
2019-03-16 5.0.8 Added *OUTPUT_J_INTEGRAL.
2019-03-14 5.0.3 Added accuracy option to *CONTACT.
2019-02-19 4.0.2615 Added *OUTPUT_USER_COLLECTION.
2019-02-11 4.0.2608 Added *OUTPUT_SECTION.
2019-01-10 4.0.2583 Added *MAT_CONCRETE_2018.
2018-10-17 4.0.2546 Added *PROP_DAMAGE_HC. Added penetration tolerance parameter and one way contact flag to *CONTACT.
2018-10-13 4.0.2541 Added *MAT_HSS.
2018-10-10 4.0.2521 Added *MAT_OBJECT.
2018-08-15 4.0.2517 Added *COMPONENT_BOX_IRREGULAR.
2018-07-05 4.0.2491 Added optional geometry to *SMOOTH_MESH.
2018-05-31 4.0.2480 Added viscous decay coefficient to *MAT_CONCRETE.
2018-04-06 4.0.2441 Added parameter for definition of sharp edges to *CONTACT.
2018-03-16 4.0.2420 Added hysteresis parameter to *MAT_VISCOUS_FOAM.
2017-12-08 4.0.2339 Added viscosity parameter to *MAT_FABRIC.
2017-12-01 4.0.2315 Added one more parameter to the *GEOMETRY_EFP definition.
2017-11-02 4.0.2315 Added *MAT_VISCOUS_FOAM, a model for visco-elastic foam materials.
2017-10-02 4.0.2289 Added support for element sets (ES) in *ACTIVATE_ELEMENTS and for geometries (G) in *MERGE. Added intrinsic function for maximum damage in an element set (dmg_es). Clamped boundary condition for SPH particles in *PARTICLE_DOMAIN.
2017-08-21 4.0.2274 Added *MAP, a command that is used to define data points in a cartesian grid.
2017-08-09 4.0.2272 Modified rate effects in *MAT_CONCRETE.
2017-08-08 4.0.2271 Modified yield criterion and damage model in *MAT_CERAMIC.
2017-05-29 4.0.2216 Added *MAT_FABRIC, a model for fabrics and fiber composites.
2017-05-19 4.0.2204 Added *LOAD_AIR_BLAST, a command for air blast loading of rigd and deformable structures.
2017-03-16 4.0.2156 Added built in high explosive types ANFO, PBXN-110 and MCX-6100 to *PARTICLE_HE.
2017-03-16 4.0.2122 Added an option to *OUTPUT for deactivation of discrete particle output.
2017-03-10 4.0.2102 Added *CONNECTOR_SPOT_WELD, a command for definitions of spot welds.
2017-03-10 4.0.2102 Added *CONNECTOR_GLUE_LINE, a command for adhesively bonded surfaces.
2017-03-09 4.0.2100 Added *TABLE, a command for definition of tabulated data.
2017-03-09 4.0.2100 Added *PATH, a command for definition paths in space.
2017-03-07 4.0.2096 Added support for title in *INCLUDE.
2017-02-17 4.0.2090 Added irregularization parameters to ductile damage models.
2017-02-16 4.0.2089 Added *VELOCITY_CAP, a command that defines an upper velocity limit for nodes and discrete particles.
2017-02-03 4.0.2081 Changed document version to 4.0.
2017-01-19 4.0.2067 Added *RIGID_BODY_ADD_NODES, a command that constrains nodes in deformable parts to a rigid body.
2017-01-17 4.0.2062 Added *OUTPUT_USER, a command for user defined ASCII output.
2016-12-15 4.0.2033 Added *ADD_MASS.
2016-12-05 4.0.2023 Added *PRESTRESS_BLIND_HOLE_BOLT.
2016-11-15 3.0.1996 Added deactivation time to *PARTICLE_DOMAIN.
2016-09-29 3.0.1959 Equation-of-state (optional) can now be referenced directly in the material command.
Added flag to switch between local and global displacement output in *OUTPUT_SENSOR.
Added user defined high explosive and soil to *PARTICLE_HE and *PARTICLE_SOIL.
2016-09-14 3.0.1947 Added damage softening option to *MAT_FORMING_R.
2016-09-01 3.0.1920 Added *PARAMETER_RANGE_CONTINUOUS, *PARAMETER_RANGE_DISCRETE and *PARAMETER_RANGE_BOOL, commands used for parameters vislualization/manipulation in the GUI.
2016-08-31 3.0.1918 Added a group of *PARTICLE commands, allowing for a flexible use of discrete particles and SPH.
2016-08-16 3.0.1907 Added *MAT_ZA (Zerilli-Armostrong) a model for metals at high strain rates.
2016-06-17 3.0.1877 Added output interval (*OUTPUT) for fragment list generation.
2016-06-14 3.0.1876 Added built in high explosive types Comp A-3, Comp B (grade A), HMX and Octol 78/22 to *PBLAST.
2016-04-20 3.0.1856 Added *MAT_BERGSTROM_BOYCE, a model for polymer and rubber materials.
2016-04-03 3.0.1846 Added option to activate bending stiffness in *MAT_REBAR.
2016-03-18 3.0.1838 Added friction torque and sliding resistance to *RIGID_BODY_JOINT.
2016-03-04 3.0.1832 Added functionality to model water in *PBLAST.
Added flag to convert eroded elements to discrete particles in *PART.
Added round(x) to list of intrinsic functions handled by the parser.
2015-12-10 3.0.1793 Added option to allow for smeared out contact impulses in *PBLAST.
Added flag to activate deformble high explosives in *PBLAST.
2015-11-02 3.0.1765 Made beta-commands visible.
2015-10-20 3.0.1757 Removed *MAT_USER_JS. We now only support DLL based user materials.
Added *MAT_CONCRETE, a new material model.
Added user defined contact stiffness and shear cap in *PSOIL.