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Frequently asked questions

A set of Frequently Asked Questions, compiled to provide quick answers to some of the most common questions related to our software.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Command manual

This manual describes the different simulation model commands in our software. It covers both the structural input format and mathematical formulations. Many small examples show how to use the different commands.
The manual is integrated into the software. It automatically shows the command and highlights the parameters that the user is currently is working on.

Web based version of the command manual can be accessed here:

Command manual

Intrinsic operations

There are numerous of intrinsic operations in the software which are useful when defining functions. The intrinsic operations currently available are presented here:

Intrinsic operations

Getting started

What are the system requirements?
How do I install IMPETUS Afea Solver?
How do I keep my software up-to-date?
How do I start a simulation?


Test your hardware with our "Performance benchmark" tool (no license required).
Performance benchmark

Are you a new user and want to learn how the command file structure works?
We have prepared a simple cookbook for you.

User cookbook

System description

IMPETUS Afea Solver is a system for non-linear explicit finite element simulations. The system is made up of different software components, data libraries and documentation.

System Description

Verifier documentation

Each released version of IMPETUS Afea Solver’s computational modules (FE and DP) is subjected to version control based on a benchmark database. We test all our input commands to verify that they work correctly. For some applications, Recommended Modelling Practices (RMP) have been developed. The RMPs contain validation tests in combination with a recommended modelling methodology. All of the following documents are updated based on the latest version control:

Verification of Input Commands
Verification of Explosives
Verification of HIII Dummy, Male, 50th percentile
RMP001 - Material Failure Prediction Of Large-Scale Steel Structures
RMP002 - High Explosive Blast Loading
RMP003 - Recomputing DNV-RP-C208
RMP004 - DOCOL Steels
RMP005 - Ballistics

User material models

IMPETUS Afea Solver comes with support for user defined material models. For information about how it works, please check the documentation below:

User Material Models

Class materials and tutorials

Here is a collection of class materials notes and video tutorials:

Class materials and tutorials