Command manual

Command list

Output files

The solver outputs global simulation results in binary files with the extension .imp. A header file impetus.imp is created when the simulation begins and each frame that is being output is written to its own file (impetus_0000.imp, impetus_0001.imp etc.). The output interval is specified in the command OUTPUT. The global output is complemented with a set of ASCII files having the extension .out. The data in the .imp and .out-files can be read and visualized by the IMPETUS Afea GUI.

ASCII files

File Content
coordinate_system.out Coordinate system location and orientation. Activated by COORDINATE_SYSTEM_FIXED
contact.out Forces, energies and maximum penetration for each contact interface. Activated by CONTACT
contact.out Forces, energies and maximum penetration for each contact interface. Activated by CONTACT
dt.out Time step size information. Always active
element.out Stresses and plastic strain of a user defined set of elements. Activated by OUTPUT_ELEMENT
energy.out Global energies. Always active
glue_surface.out iResultant force levels and energies in glued interfaces. Activated by CONNECTOR_GLUE_SURFACE
load_force.out Force levels and external work due to applied forces. Activated by LOAD_FORCE
load_pressure.out Resultant force levels and external work due to applied pressure loads. Activated by LOAD_PRESSURE
merge.out Forces and delaminated area between merged interfaces. Activated by MERGE
node.out Location, velocity and acceleration of a user defined set of nodes. Activated by OUTPUT_NODE
part.out Masses (physical and mass scaling) and energies by part. Activated by PART
particle_domain.out Discrete and SPH particle energy levels. Activated by PARTICLE_DOMAIN
particle_contact.out Impulses transferred from discrete ans SPH particles to FE parts. Activated by PARTICLE_DOMAIN
particle_sensor.out Particle pressure, density and flow velocity. Activated by OUTPUT_SENSOR
prescribed.out Reaction forces and moments on kinematically constrained surfaces and rigid bodies. Activated by BC_MOTION
prescribed_thermal.out Heat flux across boundaries with prescribed temperature fields. Activated by BC_TEMPERATURE
rigid.out Displacements, velocities and forces acting on rigid bodies. Activated by MAT_RIGID
rigid_body_joint.out Rigid joint forces, torques, displacements and rotations. Activated by RIGID_BODY_JOINT
sensor.out Material motion and state at sensor locations. Activated by OUTPUT_SENSOR
sph_contact.out SPH-structure contact forces, energies and largest penetration. Activated by SPH_FLUID
spr.out SPR point connector forces, moments, deformations and damage. Activated by CONNECTOR_SPR
spring.out Spring forces. Activated by CONNECTOR_SPRING
impetus_stateX.k State file with elements, nodes, merge, joint and contact information. Activated by OUTPUT
impetus_state_boltX.k State file with automatically generated commands to lock nuts to prestressed bolts. Activated by PRESTRESS_BOLT

Binary files

File Content
impetus.imp Global simulation results. Always active
impetus_databaseX.bin Model database file. Activated by OUTPUT
impetus_databaseX.dat Model database file. Activated by OUTPUT
impetus_stateX.bin State file with element stresses, strains and state variables. Activated by OUTPUT
impetus_state_veloX.bin State file with node velocities. Activated by OUTPUT
impetus_state_particleX.bin State file with discrete particle location, velocity and energy levels. Activated by PARTICLE_DOMAIN